Waste reduction and recycling

Drop by drop

Nature protection

Control measures are implemented in orchards, with priority given to respect for the environment and water resources, as well as the protection of staff and residents…

  • No acaricide use for several years,
  • Confusion over all orchards against codling moth and the installation of alt-carpo nets,
  • Control of Mediterranean fly based solely on food trapping and the use of clay,
  • Optimization of scab control through the implementation of prophylactic measures, the use of networked weather stations and biological monitoring of projections (CIRAME),
  • Mechanical weeding,
  • Waste management: regulatory storage of fuels, oils, fertilizers, phytosanitary products, etc., and recycling of these same wastes,
  • Interventions in orchards are well thought out and protective measures are put in place to protect local residents (safety nets and anti-drift equipment),
  • Protection of pollinators with, in addition to the introduction of hives during flowering, the presence of a sedentary apiary (participation in a study on the behaviour of an apiary in arboricultural areas),
  • Conservation of faunal shelters and reinforcement by the installation of tit nesting boxes….
  • Finally, in order to limit water use, all orchards are irrigated by drip irrigation or micro-irrigation.
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Reduce your environmental footprint: by reducing emissions, managing waste, developing ecological and conservation approaches…

In a permanent effort to save energy, a new cooling unit was installed in 2018. This new refrigeration production system allows us to recover the heat produced and redistribute it to heat part of our premises and defrost cold rooms, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

Limiter la consommation énergétique et l’impact sur la couche d’ozone

Les investissements pour La sécurisation des récoltes

Dans un contexte où les aléas climatiques sont de plus en plus récurrents, il était primordial de mettre en place des moyens de lutte efficaces contre les intempéries :
Cette sécurisation des récoltes représente un coût très élevé dans les investissements consentis chaque année, mais elle est essentielle pour assurer un volume et une qualité de pommes attendus par les clients de Confoux.

Ces investissements se traduisent notamment par des :

  • Acquisition de filets : 100 % des vergers sont couverts par des filets
  • Acquisition de tours antigel…