Attentive together to quality and service as well as to nature and consumer protection.

8 000 T

of apple production

17 000 M3

cold room capacity

11 000

of total surface area



The station and orchards have long been involved in quality certifications, which allow us to maintain a relationship of trust with our customers and consumers.

Sustainable development

Control measures are implemented in orchards, with priority given to respect for the environment and water resources.


Investments that are part of an energy saving approach, for the respect of the planet.


Fruit diversification for a wider range of products for customers. The varieties: Pink Lady, Jazz, Gala, Granny, Golden, Braeburn, Variiété Bio Juliet, …


The packaging station makes it possible to meet the highest certification standards (BRC, GLOBAL GAP, PFI, among others) and to meet the most demanding customer specifications thanks to its modern production tool.


The company continues its development and recruits. Consult our offers here